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Project Summary

WestPoint Research has worked with Konnect Cornwall on a number of projects, including strategic reviews and Big Lottery-funded project evaluations. In 2017, WestPoint Research was commissioned to carry out a process and early impact evaluation of the Re: Konnect Project – a pilot programme that provides one to one mentoring to support ex-offenders' reintegration into their local communities.

WestPoint Research was commissioned to carry out a process and early impact evaluation of The Re: Konnect Project in its pilot phase. The project was a six-week, mentoring and life-coaching course designed to support ex-offenders as they re-integrate into local communities following release from prison, or, those who require support to break a cycle of chronic, repeat offending. The main objectives of the evaluation were:

  1. To document the nature of mentoring work undertaken by Konnect Cornwall within the context of the Re: Konnect Project;
  2. To promote an understanding of the challenges experienced by ex-offenders in Cornwall and in doing so highlight the ‘diversity of need’ within this community in Cornwall;
  3. To generate evidence of the indicative impact Re: Konnect has on a) project participants and b) project partners such as the Supported Accommodation providers.

The evaluation incorporated a mixed method approach to data generation, analysis and the presentation of findings through the collation of primary data (generated by the evaluation team) and secondary data (generated by the Re: Konnect team).

"At Konnect Cornwall, we engaged with the services of Dr Jasmin Tregidga, and WestPoint Research, to evaluate the work we are doing within the criminal justice arena around 1-2-1 support for offenders and victims of crime. An important part of our work is 'changing attitude'; the attitude of our clients but also the attitude of the public to the behaviours and patterns of life demonstrated by our clients. Jasmin dedicated herself to grasping our concepts and objectives and produced detailed evidence and accessible reports to support the development of our product. I would have no hesitation in recommending her service."

Ian Curnow, CEO Konnect Cornwall CIC

Following on from this work, WestPoint Research has been commissioned to deliver further evaluation of this support service as it consolidates its effectiveness over the past few years.

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Konnect Cornwall CIC

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