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Project Summary

In 2016, RockPool Life CIC commissioned WestPoint Research to deliver a formative evaluation of their Inspiring Families Programme – an innovative intervention and assessment programme designed to strengthen and stabilise families where domestic abuse is an identified component.

WestPoint Research delivered a formative evaluation of the Inspiring Families (IF) Programme’s pilot implementation in Slough in May – July 2016. The evaluation examines ‘process’ in terms of how the IF Programme works to achieve its objectives and ‘outcome’ by documenting indications of what the IF Programme can achieve for a) professionals and operational practice and, b) IF participants – as individuals and couples – and the emerging signs of how the IF Programme can impact their families.

The evaluation included both qualitative and quantitative data, including Rosenberg’s Self-Esteem Scale (SES), which was administered to all project participants at both the baseline (pre-intervention) and post-intervention stages of project involvement. The findings were used as an effective evidence base for the programme development and successful implementation in areas across the UK.

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RockPool Life CIC

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