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Project Summary

WestPoint Research, in partnership with Cardiff University, was commissioned to carry out an evaluation of the Minority Ethnic Elder Advocacy (MEEA) Project and highlight good practice when engaging, supporting and empowering MEE individuals across Wales.

The Minority Ethnic Elders Advocacy (MEEA) Project provides an independent advocacy service to MEE aged 50 and over across Wales in a number of areas including: asylum and immigration; domestic/elder abuse; health and social care, language and literacy and finance and benefits.

The evaluation incorporated a number of objectives:

  1. To document the nature of advocacy work undertaken by the MEEA Project and generate evidence of the impact it has had on its beneficiaries.
  2. To promote an enhanced understanding of the myriad and inter-related challenges faced by MEE residents in Wales and by doing so highlight the ‘diversity of need’ within MEE communities across Wales.
  3. To identify gaps in service provision and areas for improvement across a range of sectors including health and social care, housing and employment.
  4. To illustrate key examples of good practice when engaging, supporting and empowering MEE people.
  5. To put forward a number of recommendations for the consideration of commissioners, policy makers and practitioners.

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