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Project Summary

Rock Pool Life CIC, in partnership with WestPoint Research were commissioned by Bedfordshire Police to undertake a formative evaluation of their SOC Pathways Project, which is funded by the Home Office. The evaluation design draws on aspects of the Evaluating SOC Prevent Interventions Toolkit (HM Government, 2016).

The SOC Pathways project was implemented to support vulnerable women caught up in a cycle of offending and victimisation associated with Serious and Organised Crime. Prior to its design and implementation, there were limited, formal mechanisms of support for women involved – directly or indirectly – in SOC and, in particular, those caught up in SOC association as a result of risk and vulnerability factors such as domestic abuse, mental health issues and/or substance misuse.

The evaluation examined programme ‘process’ in terms of how the SOC Pathways Project works by:

  • Providing a description of the project’s strategic framework and operational processes;
  • Highlighting the mechanisms in place to identify clients at risk of SOC involvement and the ‘triaging’ methods used to ascertain required levels of supportive intervention; and
  • Analysing the demographic characteristics of women a) identified for support in the first instance, b) supported by the third sector and c) engaged with a private sector company.

The evaluation also focused on emerging ‘impact’ by documenting what the SOC Pathways project can achieve for a) operational practice in relation to enhanced multi-agency partnership working, risk assessment and crime prevention strategies, and an understanding of SOC operation in the Bedfordshire region, and b) women actively involved in, associated with, or at risk of involvement in SOC and Organised Crime Groups (OCGs).

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