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Project Summary

In 2015, Safer Stronger Consortium (SSC) commissioned WestPoint Research to undertake a comprehensive review of their victim care work undertaken as part of the delivery agreement with Devon and Cornwall Office of the Police Crime Commissioner (OPCC).

The critical review of the SSC’s victim care work, conceptualised through the research as the Victim Empowerment Model (VEM), focused on a number of key areas, including:

  • Provision of a detailed profile of the clients supported by SSC in 2015 in terms of, for example, demographics, nature of primary victimisation, the nature and intensity of support required;
  • Identification of the VEM’s core strengths and lessons to learn for future development

The review culminated in the presentation of key questions that might serve as a platform for reflective discussion as SSC looks to develop its victim care work across the criminal justice and health and wellbeing sectors in the region.

The review was used as an evidence base to secure a continuation of victim work through the Devon and Cornwall OPCC and to obtain additional funds for additional, complimentary project work.

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Safer Stronger Consortium

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Critical Review

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